Memories of a Dancing Girl

I don’t know if I was happy. I don’t really understand what happiness means. Something unobtainable maybe. But I have memories that make me smile, little things, often unnoticed. Most of my life I was self-employed. I’ve noticed saying that can lead to suspicion. Something must be broken if you don’t work for the machine,Continue reading “Memories of a Dancing Girl”

Three Poems About Appreciating Key Workers

Brave Why don’t we clap for shop assistants so brave? Walk past their window and give them a wave, Open your window, open your door, Stand on your balcony and clap once more! Isolation Everyone’s talking about isolation, deprivation and separation, Here, there and across the nation, Everyone’s going out to clap and cheer, EveryContinue reading “Three Poems About Appreciating Key Workers”

My Point of View of the Current World Concerning the Pandemic

We do not know at all where this virus comes from. We just note that everything happens by the will of the almighty. This virus called coranavirus is ravaging the whole world. The virus teaches us something very important, and here is an example that I can cite: whether you are rich or poor youngContinue reading “My Point of View of the Current World Concerning the Pandemic”