On this blog page you will find the work submitted over the course of the 2020 Quarantine Lockdown. It is a way of stay connected through our creativity, even whilst we have to be in isolation. Feel free to give constructive and supportive feedback through the comments section.

Post-Lockdown Blues

He woke up, Faintly remembering a pleasant dream, But as he got out of bed, He already felt tired, Worn out. Already felt like he was on the back foot, Like his very essence was draining away. Gone was the birdsong, Found whispering in the breeze… Lockdown was over. It was back to the goodContinue reading “Post-Lockdown Blues”


This day is the last A mourner’s bequest Imprisoned within hell’s fire In the bosom of her chest Her heart starts yearning For the pain of grief For what loss has inflicted Is sorrow’s only relief Music becomes a shadow Enhancing her despair For the body aches with anguish Knowing he is no longer thereContinue reading “Loss”


Trees are different they tell stories  Trees remind me of a quiet place to be I find them enchanting  Offering warmth of a summer breeze. Somewere to shelter away from a busy world I love to stand with them feeling brave. Ready to conquer the ocean waves Autumn in its banquet of gold leaves. CoveringContinue reading “Trees”


Art should be bursts of tantrum Freedom Celebration Art should be questions we want answered Should be identity A hello A hug A smile And art should never need to be edited Just splashed Absorbed Evolved And moved on Art should be a collection of your fave cardigans Your dancing shoes Comforting Art should notContinue reading “Art”

A New Year Thought

The New Year can bring changes to everyoneIt’s going to be crazy year but it’s crazy hopefullyIt should change for all of us by Prue Fox


Isolated by governmental decree, Can stop you being what you want to be. Sharing time and space with friends you like, It cannot be done, if first you need to bike, For leaving home is forbidden.   Shopping for pleasure is against the law, But being so long alone begins to gnaw, And make youContinue reading “Celebration”

Na Pints

“Awe, Ma Brown, na another lackdown.”“Wall, Mr Brown we hed it *******”.” Wat, na mere pints, Ma brown.?“Na, nought.”“Awk flaming bleeding cov-19 sick to death oh it”Well, paw Brown ya should hav wore ya mask.?“Wat ya say ?”“Mr Brown, pit your ear mites in.”–Awk dinna be silly woman ““Am, na being Silly.” “Wit, ya say”“Awk, ya dinnersContinue reading “Na Pints”

Life Inside

Me and Moggy have a new friend. A little spider has moved into the moss garden, Both lush and serene, Sitting quietly on the bathroom windowsill. I always feel blessed Witnessing life moving willingly inside, but still, I moved my hairbrush to the bedroom. By Mikael

Hopefully Never Again

A villanelle is a fixed form of poem, with strict rules around verse and line length, rhyming and repetition. Here is a Villanelle, just for fun, as if  life wasn’t already tough enough. Thank God it has been done.   How I wish I had not begun rhyming is not easy stuff Here is a Villanelle,Continue reading “Hopefully Never Again”


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