On this blog page you will find the work submitted over the course of the 2020 Quarantine Lockdown. It is a way of stay connected through our creativity, even whilst we have to be in isolation. Feel free to give constructive and supportive feedback through the comments section.


snowflakes snowflakes are brilliant snowflakes are cool snowflakes are great to make snow angles and sand angles snow angles are cool to do in the snow you can also do sand angles as well in the sand it’s great By Prue Fox

The Power of the Arts

At times I wish I could, (within reason) be in plays one after the other. The same with singing gigs (Within reason) Non-stop! I would mostly then, Always be with people, In a good way. That way, I would not (if ever at all) be lonely. A loner no more. By Graham Forrester

Troubled Waters

Hope is a rainbow full of colours On a dull day when the skies are grey.A bright ray of sunshine,To help us through a stormy day. Hope is when a friend,Is there to lend a hand.Hope is a prayer,Trusting in God’s hand. Hope is spring,When flowers bloom;Bringing happy thoughts In the season of summertime. Hope is aContinue reading “Troubled Waters”

Na Mask

“Oh Maw Brown, awk no again.” “Now Paw brown, just dae as your telt.” “But Ma brown, aye canny breath in that mask?” “Ask, you’ll be the death of me yet.” “Ask, flaming Covid-19 it’s ruining me bleeding football game!” “I’ll have less of ya lip.”  “Well Maw Brown, am sick of Nicol Surgan, seeContinue reading “Na Mask”

Be Gentle

Be gentle Be genuine And the world will turn Turn into a forest of beauty and wonder Excitement and gentle streams Soothing breezes It possible you know You can breath Breathing is not a luxury But a never ending stream Don’t let the world wear you thin Have baths and daydreams Find a book andContinue reading “Be Gentle”


I am thankful to Jesus for many things throughout my life.   Let me say just some of them.    I’m thankful for the problems I had as a baby  and beyond  because of complications in my birth.    I am thankful for what all I went through because of it  as a child andContinue reading “Thankfulness”

Sugar Cravings

I am tired of fighting  This monster 👹  Of  chocolate cake. It shouts loud in my ears, It temps me. Its poisonous ego  Laughs when I crave! It hounds me  Like a roaring tiger, It has no empathy, It wanders in from the darkness, It’s controlling my thoughts! It laughs out loud, When I give in.  It’sContinue reading “Sugar Cravings”

Tree into Tawny Owl

A tree in the wood. It is a young tree. It has brothers And sisters around him. They grow tall and bush out. He turns into a tawny owl. His branches move through the others. His Brothers and sisters Turn into owls as well. They fly through the sky, On the wind, Not stopping, Until it’s time ToContinue reading “Tree into Tawny Owl”


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