On this blog page you will find the work submitted over the course of the 2020 Quarantine Lockdown. It is a way of stay connected through our creativity, even whilst we have to be in isolation. Feel free to give constructive and supportive feedback through the comments section.

The Morning Song Tree

The tree in front of our little balcony, I have named the Morning Song Tree. I sit there in the pre-dawn light, Listening to what sounds like a million little birds, Each burstin’ with pride, Showcasing why they be chosen for the choir. It is the first time in a long time I haven’t turnedContinue reading “The Morning Song Tree”

One Hundred Plus

Unforgiveness sows a short life,But forgiving much reaps a long life,And eating sensible is good for you,A little movement goes a long way too.Leading a simple contented  life,But staying close to God in thought.Through the night,Keeping a heart both pure and strong.Sending best wishes to many a friend.Doing a daily crossword,Just to keep the mind alert.Don’tContinue reading “One Hundred Plus”

Life is for Living

One is alone, doing without. Two, together, see they have clout, And the chance to smile More than just once in a while. Three, see an arguable alternative That gives them a reason to live. Four have a pleasing stability,  And the desire to share that ability.   Life is wasted being alone. One hasContinue reading “Life is for Living”

Lockdown Poem

say something say something to someone you know and let them know how you are feeling  about this lockdown don’t keep it in say something let it out lockdown has been crazy for me and the cats they are use to me going out  places, groups ever since  this lockdown started its  weird and knocked my routine out ofContinue reading “Lockdown Poem”

Rock on…

I bought an old ‘Radio Birdman’ record, Brought me back to my youth! Made me want to disturb neighbours half my age, By turning it up above an acceptable volume! But good manners intervened. I saw them once in ’96, They had reformed from the ’70’s. I went, Full of expectations of wonder… I foundContinue reading “Rock on…”

Life Story, Now!

My life was a rollercoaster. At the beginning, in my twenties, I was a rebelling. Literally doing ridiculous things I didn’t want to do. I was moving like mad, from flat to flat. Wasn’t settled anywhere. Wouldn’t stay in one place for long, then I would up and leave. I had that many flats in the past, and nowContinue reading “Life Story, Now!”


You may not care for me, But Jesus does.   You may not befriend me, But Jesus does.   You may not defend me, But Jesus does.   You may not embrace me, But Jesus does.   You may not guide me, But Jesus does.   You may not hold me when I cry, ButContinue reading “Amen”


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