One Hundred Plus

Unforgiveness sows a short life,But forgiving much reaps a long life,And eating sensible is good for you,A little movement goes a long way too.Leading a simple contented  life,But staying close to God in thought.Through the night,Keeping a heart both pure and strong.Sending best wishes to many a friend.Doing a daily crossword,Just to keep the mind alert.Don’tContinue reading “One Hundred Plus”

The Dog Has Stolen Mr Ketchup’s Double Decker!!!

Rosalind sends us a new instalment of Mr Ketchup’s adventures, along with his friend Haggis and wife Sweet Potato Face. She says, “These are meant to make you laugh!” We hope you enjoy them… After a very long walk Mr Ketchup felt rather peckish. He sat down. “My feet are killing me,” he sighed. HaggisContinue reading “The Dog Has Stolen Mr Ketchup’s Double Decker!!!”