The Bugle is our mouthpiece which alerts readers to matters which we feel need attention, and at the same time allows us to explore our creative skills—whether though writing poetry, artwork, cartoons or other means of expression

Our History

The first edition was let out on an unsuspecting public in November 2005 and at that time it ran to 8 pages only, with limited colours. The first edition would go round the various Bethany units—such as Bethany House in Couper Street, and encouraged people to put their thoughts down on paper. It was sometime later that the Bugle would have its own dedicated slot at the old Learning Centre in Jane Street—the converted church hall right opposite Rikky’s Music Shop.

People come and go, depending on what life has to dish out to them, yet it’s encouraging to not that for a good while now there have been a dozen or so regular contributors to the magazine. We gratefully acknowledge their all the financial help which has come from several sources.

We are always learning something new to keep improving. The magazine you hold in your hands has to an impressive, colourful and glossy production which we are proud of and which we hope you enjoy.

Our Mission

We are a creative, welcoming, open-minded and supportive group of people who may have experienced homelessness and are supportive of the issues surrounding homelessness.

We aim to promote free and open communication which connects with others through creative writing, journalism and visual art. We hope to encourage others to think about issues that are often hidden. We produce a magazine which reflects real issues but goes deeper than the current trend for ‘reality.’

Our Reader Agreement

In keeping with our mission, we have developed guidelines to help encourage an innovative and trustworthy environment to publish our material in.

We promise to…

· Provide hope, honesty and positivity

· Refrain from making discriminatory comments

· Place warnings on articles that contain adult content

We ask you to…

· Respect other people’s viewpoints

· Give us the benefit of the doubt regarding spelling, grammar and writing

· Do not use our images or articles elsewhere. All authors and artist retain copyright of their work

· Credit the artist or author when quoting us

The views expressed on this blog are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Bethany Christian Trust.