A Quiz Less Ordinary

(a)  You have an empty room that looks to be square or rectangular.  With nothing but a single, guaranteed, 90 degree frame, describe the quickest way to check the room is a rectangle or square?

(b)  When asked an unanswerable question, in the least number of words, how can you make a sensible sounding answer?

(c)  Having crossed your fingers; you make a guess at how to make a repair, you see you have the tools for the job, what is the first thing you should do?

(d)  In a room full of people, all seeing the same problem, what do you have that is different from all of them?

(e)  In any house, name a minimum of four things all empty rooms must have in common?

(f)  As you are reading these questions you must have a laptop, but, out on the street, when some people see and meet friends why do some touch their hat brim and smile?

(g)  You are in a park.  It is a warm, summer’s day and on a large stone a squirrel nibbles on an ice cream cone.  Why is that a clear sign of some disappointment?

(h)  What are the one or two words that can best describe someone living next door?  Nuisance or bloody nuisance does not do it because that person can be anywhere.

(j)   What two actions are almost guaranteed to lighten a day of enforced isolation, even when done at a distance?

(k)  Was this quiz challenging, fun, too annoying to let you get this far, or has it lightened your day?

Put your answers in the comments section!

By Alex Anderson

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