What We Forget

We are the possible, the empowering and the very real, we forget ourselves and the fact to the cold breeze every single day, it can no longer be this way. 

The reason we forget that is our own silly choice.  We forget who we are. If we can push beyond the mortal coils to remember, wow what this world would truly be, how little everyone with a car or a house or a bank balance would be shunned.

Power is within, without, deeply in our mind. Can you imagine a child with her or his little hat? Their pride and joy yet but a trinket to the bestowed of the hat… Just a little hat, that’s not ownership or worth, it’s a gift to play to share and to show affection to those in need. It’s not a symbol, it’s a piece of fabric to shine difference not of any ego, the little one has no reason to think of it as other. 

Do we show that? Do we find that? Can we bring affection at our lowest?

I believe we have lost most of humanity as a civilization outside of blood but we together can find it, we find again community we find trust and believe in truths and life again after this movie horror become flesh

What if we just started dare to care about us as community again as one again, an ethical duty to listen and find our value in the description of the value of all?

By J.G.

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