Mr Ketchup Learns a Hard Lesson

Poor Mr Ketchup looked rather strange in his new clothes. None of them seemed to match. In fact, Mr ketchup often wore different coloured boots. His friends were always telling him that he looked silly, but he just carried on wearing the wrong clothes.

The people who lived in Tiny Tot village thought he’d had lost his marbles; in need of some help. Haggis and Neaps decided it was about time they paid Mr Ketchup a home visit. It had been rather a long time since they last saw him. Sweet Potato Face had tried to help him match his coat with his trousers but he didn’t want to know. She felt helpless because Mr Ketchup had a very stubborn personality.

One fine morning Haggis arrived with some of his favourite chocolate cream cakes. “Oh, yummy,” he thought. “Haggis, would you please do me a favour? Put the kettle on.”

“Oh, Okay then,” replied Haggis, “just a second.”

Minutes later the table was neatly set with the most delicious cakes you ever have seen.

Mr Ketchup rudely grabbed the cakes but he lost his balance and the cakes went tumbling on the floor with Mr Ketchup. He did look an awesome sight. He looked like the abominable snowman!

“That’s torn it now,” he thought, “I shouldn’t have been so greedy in the first place.”

“Well I am disappointed in your behaviour, Mr Ketchup.”

And all of a sudden Mr Ketchup began to wail loudly.

“I am so sorry,” he sobbed, “I’ll make it up to you all. How about you come next Saturday and I cook you dinner?”

“Why that would be most kind of you!” remarked Haggis.

“I’ll cook you your favourite roast potatoes, chicken and gravy with all the extras, and of course, not forgetting the steam pudding and custard.”

“That sounds good,” laughed Sweet Potato Face, “Except you’re not be the one cooking it!”

With that comment Mr Ketchup looked away embarrassed.

“I sort of gathered that,” giggled Haggis.

We all know about Mr Ketchup and his little promises

Saturday morning had arrived and Mr Ketchup appeared to be in a good mood.

Until he discovered they wasn’t any shopping for the meal he had promised Haggis. He just took it for granted that his wife would do all the fetching and carrying,while he just took all the credit for the hard work. But Mr Ketchup hadn’t a clue what was involved in the preparation of cooking a main meal, especially a roast chicken. The chicken has to put into the oven at the right temperate and roasted for two hours. The potatoes have to be peeled and cut into half’s then part boiled and put into the oven to roast. Mr Ketchup took it for granted that Sweet Potato Face would do all the hard work. BUT HE WAS IN FOR A NASTY SURPRISE…

Later that day Mr Ketchup dragged all the weekly shopping up the hill. He was puffing and panting. Poor Ketchup, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Oh Dear, you can guess who will be doing the cooking?  

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