A Cardboard Time Adventure

Joan of Arc died on 30th May 1431. This is my tribute…

Me and Moggy decided to build a time machine out of cardboard. Inspired by our daily dose of A-Team reruns, we knew we could do anything. So we set to work, admired our dedication and craftsmanship, then decided to brave a test run; our maiden voyage! We set our destination for 14 and something, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt something we have always known; that Joan of Arc was as pretty as a wildflower in the breeze! We were going to smash the nay-sayers…

We took off! Were tossed about like a matchbox in a washing machine. Eventually we landed… Me and Moggy looked quietly at each other in utter disbelief. It had worked! We cautiously stepped out to see what world we had found. Disappointingly it wasn’t much different from the one we left. Something must have gone wrong in our calculations, for we had only managed to travel half an hour into the future… maybe next time we will get it right.

By Mikael

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