Thank You NHS

I just want to say how proud I am of our NHS,
Stepping out onto the frontline, they are the best,
The one light at then of the tunnel for our nation,
Is our dedicated nurses, a true inspiration.
On Thursday night we gather, to support them and clap,
You can also donate by text, phoning or on the app,
Proving our appreciation for their selfless attitude
It is the best that we can do to show our gratitude.
They never complain about putting their lives on the line,
Although their health is as important as your or mine.
They're having to share gloves, masks and aprons,
From the doctors and nurse, right down to the patrons,
While the public breaks all the rules, its no surprise,
Help our heroes and stick to one hour of exercise.
If you don't then your selfishness will cause deaths,
And result in more people taking their last breaths.
By following instructions, lockdown will be short term,
Giving us the time to adapt, overcome and learn.
Whether its your work colleagues, family or friends,
In the words of Her Majesty the Queen, we will meet again.

By Paul Stirling

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