Happy Everyday

He first came up with the concept during the middle of the plague. He started thinking, why only tell someone you love that you love them four times a year? Surely it should be more often, that you let someone you love know that your life is added to with them in it. So he came up with the idea of the “Happy Everyday Card,” instead of a birthday card, and on the inside it said, “Because I feel blessed everyday you’re in my life.” They sold like wildfire!

From his little living room the idea travelled to the desk of an adult, an adult who saw an opportunity. Soon new factories were sprang up, new terrain in the third world was openned to markets, world sanctions were relaxed. Traditional hunters and fishermen left their forests and river villages and joined these new card factories, wondering what the strange message inside meant. Everyday meant a chance to earn a dollar for the dinner table.

Back home shelves were ransacked. It was hysteria. Old ladies said it reminded them of the Beatles. Social media lit up like the Las Vegas strip. You were a total nobody if you didn’t get at least five cards, best of all sent from exotic locations. It hurt if you were unloved. You were ridiculed. Bullying was rife. Rampant! He sat on the sofa of his little living room and thought, “They just don’t get it.” There was no transaction needed, or hype, just a simple, honest “I love you.” He also noticed through all this uproar and upheaval, the high street frenzies and computer world mania, he still had received one single, solitary card…

By Mikael

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