A Sad Day for Mr. Ketchup

Over the years Rosalind has delighted us here at The Bugle with the on going adventures of her comic creation Mr Ketchup, alongside his two pals Haggis and Neeps. This instalment catches Mr Ketchup at a more tragic and reflective moment.

Yellow Sun shone on a white frosty morning.
The path sparkled like diamonds fit for a King.
Mr Ketchup had felt a bit under the weather lately.
He was struggling to get out of bed.
Everything was an effort for him.
Mr Ketchup felt so tired and weary nothing cheered him up.
He sunk deep into an old worn out chair and deeply sighed again .
Poor old Mr Ketchup would he ever be the same again.

Christmas wasn’t much better.
On boxing day there was a loud knock on the door. There stood in the doorway his distant cousin Mr Chips .
Mr Ketchup had a funny feeling that it wasn’t the news he would enjoy. Sure enough it wasn’t.

“Do come in ” said Mr Ketchup
“I am afraid your old auntie passed away this morning.”
Mr Ketchup looked away, bewildered.
Mr Chips felt sorry for him and wondered if there might be anything that he could do.

“Mr Ketchup—-if there is anything that I can do…”
Mr Ketchup felt even worse than when he first got up.
He felt shocked and so sad that is auntie from Wales had an terrible accident falling down a flight of stairs.
Breaking both her hips and now she was gone.
Mr Ketchup slowly sat down staring into space.
Tabby the cat jumped onto his lap.
Mr Ketchup woke up startled with a fright.
“Oh Tabby what am I going to do now?” He said, stoking her fur.
Tears rolled down his face.

Mr Ketchup loneliness isolated him from his family and friends.
He lay in his bed day after day, with little hope that he would recover.
Slowly he sank into a deep lonely place of sadness.
Ignoring the knocks at the door.

Finally one bright sunny morning Mr Ketchup managed to drag himself out from underneath the moth eaten sheets and muttered, “Enough is enough.”
He trotted over to the phone.
Picked up the receiver and dialled Haggis and Neaps.
They were over enjoyed to hear his voice.
“Will you please, bring some milk and cakes,” said Mr Ketchup.
“Yes it has been rather a long time,” chuckled Haggis.

Story and illustration by Rosalind Alexander

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