Think and See

Life is not as cruel as we may believe
when all we seem to do is grieve
as we made choices that makes us fret
and fill our hearts with sad regret
and only looking back do we get to see
life took us where it needs us to be
and rewards us for the good we have done.
It is likely if we knew the end was waiting
we'd spend so much time anticipating
we do not get where we are meant to be
and being different never get to see
or do the good we were born to do but cannot
because life put someone else on the spot
when we chose to go somewhere else.
You think you chose to be at that garden gate
but what if was your proper fate
to be the hand that saved the day
as you pointed out the way
that ambulance needed to take to be there in time.
See life as a mountain you had to climb
only at the top do you see why you took up the challenge.
Do you see it is only when we look back
we see the full scope of the track
we have made just to get HERE.
Though took many a sad filled year
shrouded in naught but pain and sorrow,
but here we are, now, at our last tomorrow
remembering the good things we did just to get here.

By Alex J. Anderson

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