The Dog Has Stolen Mr Ketchup’s Double Decker!!!

Rosalind sends us a new instalment of Mr Ketchup’s adventures, along with his friend Haggis and wife Sweet Potato Face. She says, “These are meant to make you laugh!” We hope you enjoy them…

After a very long walk Mr Ketchup felt rather peckish. He sat down.

“My feet are killing me,” he sighed.

Haggis smiled and pulled out two double-decker sandwiches fit for a king.

Mr Ketchup was about to put the double decker into to his mouth, when this black and white greyhound jumped up and locked his jaw into his sandwich. “Oh you meddlesome dog how dare you steal my double decker!”

This old woman came up to apologise.

But it was no use Mr Ketchup looked like he was about to explode his face looked like a squashed tomatoe, “Oh why don’t you just eat the bleeding lot!”

“Now now Mr Ketchup please remember your manners.”

Mr Ketchup threw the rest of the double decker into the air. It landed on the grass.
Were two magpies were scrambling to see who could get the rest of the bread.

Mr Ketchup sat on the bench sulking, while his friend Haggis appeared to be enjoying his dinner. “It’s all right for you.” Mr Ketchup complained, “I am still very hungry.”

“Oh, Mr Ketchup do stop complaining. You won’t die of hunger just yet. I am sure Sweet potato face will rustle you up something when you arrive home.”

“Oh but that will take forever,” moaned Mr Ketchup, “Oh, why do bad things happen to me?”

Oh dear, do you think readers that Mr Ketchup is in trouble again.

By Rosalind Alexander

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