The Care Shelter Poem

The homeless man.
Why is he homeless, why doesn’t he get a job


He had a good job, he had a beautiful wife,
Depression hit him and destroyed his life.
Drugs took control, and he started drinking,
Into a hole he kept on sinking.

His wife left him, he was out in the cold,
He lost everything when addiction took hold.
Nowhere to turn to, he was lost and alone,
Out in the street, no wife, no home.

Nowhere to turn to, no place to go,
He thought he would die here, out in the snow.
Didn’t know what had happened or where he went wrong,
He had everything and now it’s all gone.

Life had no purpose, he could only think why,
His only desire was to give up and die.
He got down on his knees and began to pray,
‘Help me, Jesus, show me the way.’

He heard someone calling from out of nowhere,
‘Come with me for shelter, and care,
Come with me for a meal and a bed,
A place that is warm, where you can rest your head.’

Who are these people who showed him the light?
Showed him some love and a bed for the night?
Those are the people who cared so much,
Those are the people with the God loving touch.
Who is this man, that it all happened to?
It’s just one step away from happening to you,
So, don’t judge a man. who sleeps in the street,
He just needs a help to get back in his feet.

God bless the Care Shelter that helped him so much,
God bless the people with a God loving touch.

By Duncan McGregor

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