The Lockdown Blues

Loosely based on 'Summertime Blues' by Eddie Cochran.

This whole pandemic
is no laughing matter
the situation is out of hand
and the world is in tatters
So wash your hands
and cover your faces
Be sure to keep your distance
in public places
Too many people locked up
for no particular crime,
And all I'm thinking
what will I do with my time?

Six months on and it's getting
too frustrating
A melt-down is in progress
as the government's debating
With no real improvement
No I can't really cope
I think I'm going to join
the movement of no-hope
Sometimes I wonder will there be a cure
How much more do we have to endure?
Don't forget to mention
this imposed curfew
with no end date
to this hullabaloo

Met up with friends
at a socially safe distance
with no hugs and a handshake
but a nice chat in an instance

here's hoping for the best
for everyone involved
and hopefully this
soon will be resolved.
 By Monique Van Aalst

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