Confessions of a Quitter

Wanse on a lang furgoaten time in ma always hurting life
a became sad-rulled, hameliss, nae job, nae family, nae hope
A wis a hopeless case  jist driftin aimlessly frae pub to hostel;
firever hostel to pub spirallin doon yon lonely road tae doom and despair.
I thocht masell a Waste of space.  A stole, I cheateit a overdosed,' got sexyined,
got the electric shock treatment.  A wis nockin at Mr Death’s door but he never answered .
Noo a thank the Lord for that.
A wis meetin ithers jist like me
at the hospital whaura wis sexyined
a went tae meetins in ma jammies
tappit aff wi a dressing goon,
whit a sicht a must hae been
but listenin tae others, jist like me, a saw a wis hurtin masell.
Things changed when I saw that was true. Unsuspected friends started to visit me.
After fifteen months I was discharged.  I went to live alone but visited family.
I got a job on a building site as a labourer. I started taking care, to eat regularly.
I learned the Serenity Prayer; of the AA; 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”
I became cool calm and collected.  
I feared naught
but most of all I was granted the wisdom
To deal with what was hurting me
and to live one day at a time.
Sobriety and caring became the spark of my creative desire.
I started writing…

By Aja

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