A Story is Best Shared

A writer's most pleasing gain
is seeing his work does entertain
especially if more than once in a while
he knows he has made his audience smile
or get so hung up on the tale
they can point out where it is seen to fail
and he then gets to try the make the story better.
Why would the author want it to be put the test
is because a story critiqued will be at its best
and stand or fall if mistakes are left undone
for then the author cannot have the fun
of knowing the reader had been made to care
see what it cost the hero to try and fare
championing that cause the story has made known.
The worst the reader can do
is stop reading and seek something new
because they see details are wrong
like putting the wrong tune to the words of a song
and not caring enough
they put aside the book as 'unreadable stuff''
for then the story will never be made to be at its best.
A writer is one giving some service
the reader is the willing accomplice
and together uplifting pleasure can be had
when it cheers up those feeling lonely or sad.
There the writing fulfils a worthy and pleasing task
for then author and reader can quietly bask
in seeing your hero do what no one but he could do.

By Alex J. Anderson

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