My Point of View of the Current World Concerning the Pandemic

We do not know at all where this virus comes from. We just note that everything happens by the will of the almighty. This virus called coranavirus is ravaging the whole world. The virus teaches us something very important, and here is an example that I can cite: whether you are rich or poor young or old man of god or not this virus can wrest life. The economic world slows down, roof is almost closed.  Part of us is stressed. No one is immune. Many of us think of the end of the world, but I think of the beginning of humanity at the end of this pandemic. I really hope that the human beings will learn to love one another, to forgive each other, to help each other respect and follow the right path. The big loser in this story would be the one who has not learned his lesson. The love of the almighty is priceless, so God we ask you to forgive us, we know we have sinned too much. Stop this pandemic and make us your disciples.

By Dibor Sene

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