Food Bank Connection

I went down to the local food bank,
I bumped into an old flame, my heart just sank,
We glanced at each other across the hall,
My heart was beating faster I can recall!
I felt obliged to say something, to break the ice,
She responded with a smile, I thought was quite nice,
We talked about the weather and days gone by,
When we were young with our heads in the sky,
We were a perfect match but we drifted apart,
We would carve our initials on a tree, in the shape of a heart,
"Can we give it another go!" I though to myself,
"I'm just like her I'm left on the shelf,"
She accepted my offer, much to my delight,
Therefore, we went to the pictures on that very night,
We're so glad we met at the local food bank,
I suppose austerity is the thing we can thank!

By Tam Laidlaw

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