Come Rest in My Care

The life of a chair is seen in waiting
Unmoving and complaint free it stands
Hoping to give you comfort at least once a day
For service is the single purpose of a chair
But doing nothing is just time spent waiting.

Your weight is unimportant to your chair.
It waits, ready, to bear that weight
And hopes its best efforts make you sigh
Refreshed, contented, satisfied
That it was there when you needed it.

You waved a visiting friend into that chair
Knowing it would not let you down
For good service is how it speaks for you
And makes friends want to come again
Hoping for more of that soothing service.

How long since the creator marked you?
The shop sold you, ready to be used?
Wanted for the comfort built into you
And never once has anyone heard you say,
"Come, rest in my Care."

By Aja
Image by Craig Marolf

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