A Day Off

I took the day off today.
No reason,
Just decided to have a 'me' day,
Some days are pyjamas days,
All appointments can be re-arranged.
So, I went to the shop for some supplies,
The makings of a really nice tea,
Something I would bother for someone else,
Never for myself.
Rearrange two appointments,
Give me time to come at them with clarity.
I went to my local record shop,
And a record by one of my favourite bands,
The Dirty Three,
Was in, waiting for me.
I was so happy I took the day off!
I got home and played it in my pyjamas,
It was sublime!

Take the day off once in a while,
I promise you the world won't diminish any from your absence.
Take some time,
Quietly recharge,
Destress and come back anew.

I mean, you charge your phone...

By Mikael
Image by Eugenivy Now

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