I am thankful to Jesus for many things throughout my life.
Let me say just some of them. 
I'm thankful for the problems I had as a baby 
and beyond 
because of complications in my birth. 
I am thankful for what all I went through because of it 
as a child and teenager 
but even since then.
I'm thankful for the experiences of losing loved ones 
and friends since childhood in death. 
That has given me understanding for others who have lost 
and who lose loved ones that way. 
I am thankful for all kinds of rejection I have experienced since I was a baby 
No matter what the reasons were 
I am thankful for the struggle even to survive 
during birth and childhood. 
I am thankful for the accidents I have had 
Even the ones that could have taken my life. 
I am thankful for the experiences of being homeless
And almost being made homeless through no fault of my own. 
You might ask why?
It was all part of making me a stronger, better person  
But top of the list is 
That it proved that Jesus was and will always be with me. 
Thank you Jesus for all of this. 
Image by Brina Blum

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