Life is for Living

One is alone, doing without.
Two, together, see they have clout,
And the chance to smile
More than just once in a while.
Three, see an arguable alternative
That gives them a reason to live.
Four have a pleasing stability, 
And the desire to share that ability.
Life is wasted being alone.
One has nowhere the seed can be sown,
Seeing life is after all best done sharing.
Are we not happier when we are caring?
Life is here and now,
Trying to show each of us how
Tomorrow is a brand new day,
That we can all use to have our say.
Neighbours can help us feel good,
And become the reason why we should
Consider what we can do for one another.
Is a neighbour not closer than a sister or brother?
Think, does life not want you to see
Alone is nowhere good to be?
While having someone, for whom you care,
Gives you a reason to live and share?
Together we have the chance of fun,
Seeing what should be done
To help others see the way,
To help and enjoy their day.
Selfish we cannot take on the chance,
We see no reason to join in and dance,
Or even see how by being forgiving,
Life becomes so much more worth living.

By Aja

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