Looking Back Well, Looking Forward Wisely

Lock Down 2020. A time all of us, no doubt, will never forget and even share with our grand children one day, right? We will all look back and remember specific things during this almost traumatic event. Some for starting to exercise again, others for the valuable time spent with family at home, some for this, some for that. 

For me, I will never forget how the Father has taught me to take the time and look back at how Faithfully, Lovingly and Gracefully, has always been there for me.

This, despite the fact, that I have “spat” in His face, cursed His name and found pleasure in earthly sin.

Over and over, again and again, He has not given up on me. Never left me, nor forsaken me, never been reluctant to help me pick up the pieces when I called on Him, and so, with open arms. Always welcoming me back, and still showering me with blessings, health, provision in the midst of my ungodly rampage. (This is Amazing Grace)

And the more I looked back, the more I stood ashamed of my actions past. Because He never gave up on me, never grew tyred in relentlessly persuing me. 

I have found inspiration in this process. Leaving the past where it belongs, in the past. I have found peace, security, comfort and protection through repentance and seeking Him. Laying my shortcomings, fears as well as my hopes and future, at the Cross. I have found a revitalised trust in Him, through looking back, knowing, that He’s got this, He’s got me. My future is in good hands.

So, I urge you, take time, look back and you will see His hand in everything, and REMEMBER. 

By Martin

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