Song for Saturday Night

I miss the city lights hanging above me,
The pretend stars,
False promises in neon light.
Watchin' girls take their heels off and run into the night,
Music flowin' out of doorways that only lead down below.
I miss walking home amidst the debris of the city.

Lockdown's been fun.
I slowed down,
Caught up,
Had a chance to relax,
Breath even,
But enough is enough.

I want my Saturday night back,
The kind where you loose a weeks wages,
But got her number!
A world where you can forget your living in someone else's world,
A world someone else owns,
So come on!
Bring back Saturday night!


Oh, that's right,
The fun police already came through,
And took all the smiles and the ashtrays away.

I guess Saturday night will just have to remain
A very fond
Very vague
Pleasant memory.

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