Maw Brown Has Gone Bonkers

‘Na, Ma Brown, will you no ta ya bed?’
Awk, away with ya heidbanger
Am making myself a brew,
Am dying oh thirst,
Wit does it take to get a brew made for ya round here?
Awk, away with the lot of ya.

I canna sleep
Weres me bleeding slippers?
‘Aw, Ma Brown,
Wilt you no take it easy?
Watch out ya dinna miss the steps.
Awk, a dinna want to cart you off
To the medical ward.’
Me foot is stuck
I canna put no weight on it.
‘Awe HUD ya weese woman.
Am no finished yet.       
Right then let’s get yah settled
and back into yah bed.’

By Rosalind Alexander

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