I have always believed that kindness is the cornerstone & the fabric of our society and is what we all want and because of my personal nature, values, care and belief in the people that strive to be able to find the freedom to be kind. For that reason I owe it to the people who played their role in my life’s journey from alcohol addiction to homelessness. These people have played an important role in developing my skills and knowledge to support me every step of my second chapter and chance of my life with the guidance, support and willingness to work with me. Without the ability to accept the gift of kindness from my Heavenly Father I would not be as strong to develop as much as possible to be the kind person I am. To me personally being kind makes me feel good about myself, there is something inside of me that is constantly craving to get the feeling of being loved.

For me it comes naturally but at 50 years old, now sober over 2 years it’s still very much a learning curve and a leap of faith in that, and I’m hoping that perhaps people may gain a little more understanding that it’s an honourable thing to be kind but at the same instance be kind to yourself. It’s a hard thing to do when you’re lonely, when you think that the act of kindness will generate your social acceptance. It’s not. I have a mental health condition and while I’m not going to allow it to hold me back, I honestly know how much kindness, not just from Bethany Christian Trust wonderful volunteers and employees but from complete strangers to the NHS & Police.

To end it’s important part of being kind to remember that we all are precious, we all are valuable, we all are special people and unique in our own particular way’s but the most important things we need to remember is that regardless of our past we all are worthy of the kindness and love of our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. It’s never going to be an easy journey to walk but with the kindness we can both give and receive the rewards at the end are worth the effort. I’ll get there…

By Eddie Watt

One thought on “Kindness

  1. An amazing story about an amazing person fron what I could understand.
    Keep that amazing sympathy and faith!


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