Mr. Ketchup’s New Mask

Like many of us, Mr Ketchup is struggling to deal with the new rules and regulations we 
are having to live with, in Rosalind Alexanders latest update on his continuing 

Mr Ketchup  struggled to get out of bed. He'd hardly slept a wink .
Cough cough into the early hours of the morning. He found it difficult to breath.  
"Oh Sweet potato face I  don't feel so well." 
"Poor you ,we will just have to keep an eye on you."
"Okay," he coughed.
"Hurry along now, my dear ketchup  I will fetch you a hot water bottle and your 
favourite comic the Beano"
Mr Ketchup hated being so unwell. He always liked being on the go .
And now he had the coronavirus, he felt so miserable. He had to self-isolate for 
seven days, and his wife for an extended  period of fourteen days! This was most 
annoying, he had plans to  do things but most of his plans were grinded to a halt 
because his friends, and the  whole town in Butterworth, had to all stay at home to 
stop the spread of covid-19. Mr Ketchup felt sad he felt so cut off from his friends.
"Oh bother," moaned Mr Ketchup, "That wretched coronavirus why could it not 
disappear for good."
But Mr Todd the prime minster made it so clear: STAY AT HOME!
Mr Ketchup didn't like being told what to do, but this time things were different.
He couldn't break the law after all. All his friends were law abiding .
"Oh well," he sighed at cat coughing again. The cat ran upstairs for its life.
Poor Mr Ketchup.
Sweet potato face made some masks on her sewing machine.
Mr Ketchup faced turned red.
" Hope you don't think I am about to wear one of those things?"
"Oh Ketchup dear, don't be awkward!."
"Huh who's being awkward dear?"
"Well stop. Being difficult Ketchup."
Mr Ketchup turned away feeling annoyed. He walked away and shut himself in his 
And wondered why on earth should he wear a mask.  As he had time to ponder he 
realised his behaviour was childish. He decided to give it a go.
Actually wasn't that bad. He tried his mask on and laughed and laughed.

By Rosalind Alexander

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