I Love My Job

Up early doors for my bowl of Weetabix,
My fuel for todays shift, seven till six.
Driving to work and through the big gate,
Plenty of new orders lying in wait.
A dedicated workforce from bottom to top,
Our windows known locally as the cream of the crop.
Windows, patios, bi-folds and many doors,
Come in and see for yourself, you'll now the score.
Armed with my pencil and trusty tape measure,
100% quality provides our customers with pleasure.
The companies reputation is reliant on me,
Perfection a must, quality is the key.
By buying from us and forgetting the fools,
You'll get expensive materials and the best of tools!
Rising to the top, like an escalator,
I love my job, I'm Paul the window fabricator!

By Paul Stirling

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