Me and The Virus

A virus like war is trying to divide us all. In many ways most of us are helping it along, sadly. Just like a war, a virus is trying to kill us all off for no reason but just because that is what a virus does. Is that not a good enough reason to stick together in any way we can? The attitude of people has always effected everyone who is in contact with them. I have tried over the years to express such a thing on my Facebook timeline, but it is even more so now. When it comes to expressing what the virus means and so on let me put it like this. I once heard a friend express to me what it feels like to be under house arrest. House arrest may have a few similarities to the virus and shut down, but the only difference with house arrest and the virus lockdown is that if you do not go by the clear rules that are put out to you, then you’re putting lives of others and your own in danger. To carry on doing so can result in death. The virus is not a sci-fi story or a joke, it is serious for all of us and not just few of us.

By Graham Forrester

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