The Times

The time, encumbered with the beautiful generous selflessness, a witness of horrible selfishness, we see humanity naked and raw.  

Mothers overwhelmed, fathers stripped without knowledge of a tenable future, we are to ourselves heroes just to have a fingerhold on the cliff and rock of how fragile a mountain.  

Delicate are the steps we make to manoeuvre  and tiptoe around a monster never to hear or ever know, quiet tears, many lost, still, we ask to end or for the end.  

Desperation is more the emotion than the word yet we try to open our hands to whom we can for. We try, feeling like we may never be close again.  

We begin to forget the barriers or see the barriers, the hurdle of what this world is growing, we suspend our future and we know  

This may fade in time but what will not is the belief that time will fade and our civil needs prosper and a nightmare will last as a dream and our soul prospers

For knowing you will never know what you have until you know what you haven’t and nurture all that you must and understand what means life.


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