My Poem After My Baptism (20/01/20)

Just for now I'd like to talk about ships
That's right "ships"
Those great big things that take hundreds of passengers - wide eyed with anticipation.
On journeys, to far places - and sometimes into the unknow
This place here was my ship, taken me on a journey
"At the beginning"
I didn't know where the end was going to be, then there are - "ships" that pass in the night.
Hundreds of passengers going in different directions.
Just like us again,
For a little while we touch each others life's and then move onto where our journey takes us.
But, the greatest "ships" of all are:-
Friendships from the people I know and love just like the Lord.
Who can anchor me down when I feel Like drifting away.
Friendships In The place of the Lord offer me a safe haven I can go to when things get stormy   

By L. Ross

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