Knock Knock

Can't sleep, I am scared God.
Are you please listening Father?
I can't
Stop this feeling of dread.
It overwhelms me.
It takes me down
It pulls me under.
It suffocates me.
Through this situation
do you really care?
I feel like I am drowning
in my own despair.
The lies I believe are
crippling my thoughts.
They are plugged into my anxiety.
Won't it ever just stop!
I feel I am sliding on a slippery slope.
On a dark road to nowhere.
When shall I begin to breathe?
Will it be safe to do to?
Will I find my way?
I feel isolated alone.
The world has become numb.
I look around at suspicious faces.
What was
Isn't now.
we wait for some hope
Where do we look
For that hope?
How do we humans connect 
With the maker of this universe?

By Rosalind Alexander

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