Shades of Sound

I like to think that we are all surrounded by elegant music. 





That our conscience cannot hear,

Yet infiltrates our beings anyhow.

You see, I refuse to accept that animals live without each others' songs.

Their cries are too pretty.

Like, dogs' hearing is astronomical compared to ours.

I think there is a myriad of sounds we cannot hear.

I like to think we are constantly surrounded by a wonderful and graceful symphony. We just have to begin to learn to listen.

After all, it was only humans who were kicked out of the garden of Eden. Why we can we only interact with nature as visitors.

The breeze, for me, is someone gently stoking a piano, having jazz daydreams, and its nice., but I wonder what it would be like to hear what everyone else hears.

To hear it's true song,

Without human ears.

By Mikael

Landscape by Rosalind Alexander

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