Three Poems About Appreciating Key Workers


Why don't we clap for shop assistants so brave? 
Walk past their window and give them a wave,
Open your window, open your door,
Stand on your balcony and clap once more!

Everyone's talking about isolation, deprivation and separation,
Here, there and across the nation,
Everyone's going out to clap and cheer,
Every Thursday at 8.00pm we hear,

Some are dancing, others having a sing-song,
I only hope it doesn't go on for long,
I know it's serious, but don't despair,
Just stay indoors and please take care.

Put aundefined rainbowundefinedon your window
Hang a undefinedrainbowundefinedon your door
Clap your hands at undefined
I'm sure you know the score!
Start undefinedsingingundefinedor even have a undefineddanceundefined!
Isolate yourselves, please don't take a chance!

By Tam Laidlaw

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