Ideas and Inspiration: Themes

At this time you may want your work to be topical or escapist. You may want to write about what is going on in the world today, or take a trip into your imagination or think about some of the pleasant things you see around you. This first “Ideas and Inspirations” post is simply to suggest some themes that you might want to work with. If you want to try some topical themes why not explore writing, painting or drawing about:

  • Key workers
  • Community and keeping connected
  • Spending time alone (there might be positives and negatives aspects)
  • Hope and appreciation for the things we can’t access at the moment
  • Or maybe you are wanting to write about how you feel about the whole situation.

If you are wanting to spend some time not thinking about our current situation, why not try:

  • Some of your most powerful memories
  • The landscapes or buildings you can see from where you are
  • Some of the history or quirks of your local area
  • The spring

Submissions to the blog do not have to be based on these themes, but if your struggling to get started these are a few ideas for subject matters you can explore.

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